Tacito Consultancy

Consulting with regards to labor law and social security

» Strategic consulting in the area of management of labor relations such as accounting, economics, social security and insurance matters.

» Assisting and representing companies in extrajudicial contraversies (conciliations and arbitrations) deriving from employment or consulting relations.

» Assisting and representing customers in litigations with social institutions, insurances and labour inspectors.

» Personnel recruiting and training.

» Technical evaluation of venture costs.


Payroll Processing

» Payroll preparation and distribution.

» Personnel layoff/dismissing and hiring.

» Compilation of DM 10 form and F24 tax refund form.

» Preparation of the annual income tax refund (770 form, CUD form).

» Activation of necessary insurances.

» Application for apprentice permits.

» Application for vocational training projects.